New Pupil Induction

Our induction programme is designed to help each pupil make the transition from their mainstream school and feel part of the Ardmore community.  In addition to an individual “get to know you” session, a series of teambuilding activities form positive personal and professional relationships from the very beginning.


Our primary role is to support each pupil in their mainstream place.  To this end, a detailed reintegration package is fully discussed with the mainstream school before each pupil returns.  Detailed analysis from our AIMS database, together with positive handling plans, anger management plans, dos and don’ts for staff, educational progress and target progress reports are disseminated by our outreach staff.  The outreach teacher will provide intensive support for the initial return, with regular, weekly support thereafter.

Healthy Eating Policy

The school operates a strict healthy eating policy, as outlined in the pupil workbook.  Your cooperation is very much appreciated and we would urge you not to send in any unhealthy items with your child.  A separate letter gives details of what can and cannot be brought into school. In addition, every pupil participates in Home Economics where healthy eating and basic cooking skills are promoted.  Pupils are consulted on recipe and menu choices with the view to promote independent living in the future.  All foods are locally sourced and delivered fresh on the day. 

Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is provided to each pupil during form time, there is a strong encouragement to pupils to have a healthy start to the day.  It is school policy to contact home if a pupil is not eating well.

Anger Management

Our anger management programme is a structured series of activities designed to be completed by each pupil with the help of their mentor.  The aim of the programme is to help pupils gain an understanding of their anger and to equip them with the skills to recognise the warning signs.  Each pupil will form their own individual anger management plan, and they will carry a Cool Off card in their pocket which they can use in school when they are getting angry.


TakeTen is a new system that has been developed specifically for teachers and pupils to enhance their emotional health and well being.

Designed to improve concentration, behaviour, performance and results, TakeTen uses a combination of biofeedback and proven techniques to train children, young people and adults to control the way their bodies deal with stress.

Sexual Health

This is often an area which is sadly neglected in mainstream schools and in our society.  In order to more effectively promote sexual health we address this through our PD classes in which relevant topics are discussed with the major issues facing our young people highlighted and investigated.

Smoking Cessation

We take the issue of smoking very seriously and we recognise that many pupils are heavily addicted to smoking when they come to us. Each week a trained smoking counsellor from Cancer Focus NI visits the school and offers pupils who smoke an individual support programme.  This is an innovative approach providing ongoing support, along with individual materials on topics such as relaxation techniques, weight gain or quit tips - whilst offering combination Nicotine Replacement Therapy for those quitting.

School Dress Code

Pupils must wear the full school uniform from their mainstream school.  Any pupil who attend Ardmore on a full-time basis (Year 8,9 and 10) can get an Ardmore House Special School uniform.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones / mp3 players / kindles / personal iPads are not allowed in the classroom.  Any that are brought to school must be handed over to staff during form time and collected at the end of school.

Privacy Notice


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