Our primary role is to support each pupil in their mainstream place.  To this end, a detailed reintegration package is fully discussed with the mainstream school before each pupil returns.  Detailed analysis from our AIMS database, together with positive handling plans, anger management plans, dos and don’ts for staff, educational progress and target progress reports are disseminated by our outreach staff.  The outreach teacher will provide intensive support for the initial return, with regular, weekly support thereafter.

Addressing core issues

There are many reasons why a pupil may display maladaptive behaviours:  it is important to try and understand and help with the root cause as well as the behaviour itself.  Through our induction, functional behaviour analysis, BAD database and ongoing assessment, we can identify and address underlying causes of behaviour;

  • We address the core deficits in numeracy and literacy

  • We explicitly teach  acceptable behaviours

  • We help pupils manage their anger

  • We develop pupils’ emotional intelligence

  • We recognise and address social skills deficits

  • We re-engage pupils with their education

  • We give pupils the skills to reintegrate into mainstream.

Key to our success at Ardmore is our holistic approach to the management of pupil needs.  It is vital that our discipline policy is seen as an integral part of a continuum of provision designed to address the individual social, behavioural and emotional needs of all our pupils. Pastoral care is at the core of everything we do, and our schemes of work are explicitly designed to enhance thinking skills and personal capabilities.