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Ardmore House Special School is a Controlled School based in Downpatrick. We cater for a wide range of pupils with a variety of learning needs, including Social, Behavioural, Emotional and Wellbeing difficulties, ADHD, Autism and other barriers to learning. At KS3 our pupils access a tailored programme of study with the aim of supporting them to access the full NI curriculum where appropriate. At KS4 provision continues with a personalised approach offering access to statutory curriculum areas, vocational qualifications and GCSE or equivalents, appropriate to ability level, for every individual.  

There are a number of ways in which Ardmore House can offer support to young people.  

Outreach takes place in Mainstream schools where pupils who have been identified as having barriers to accessing mainstream learning, where they receive bespoke support appropriate to their needs.


Young people who need more support may access a short term placement at Ardmore House, during which they remain on roll at their mainstream school. Ardmore staff support their reintegration.  

For some young people, it is more appropriate for Ardmore House to be their full time, permanent placement. This will be decided by the team around the child – staff, parents and carers, support services and allied health professionals.  This will include statutory assessment, the production of a Statement of educational need, and Ardmore being named on the Statement.  

We encourage parents, young people and other professionals to visit the school. If you are seeking support and we are always willing to welcome you and answer any questions about the school or process of support. 

Our young people often arrive to our services having experienced gaps in their education, trauma, unidentified learning differences or neurodiversity and a fractured relationship with school. Key to our success is our holistic and individuals’ approach to our pupils’ needs. We believe that all behaviour is communication, and that the best way to support our young people to manage their behaviour is to meet their educational, social and sensory needs. We offer many opportunities throughout the curriculum to support healing, bolster resilience and work on thinking skills, problem solving and personal capabilities.

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