Art & Design

Art and design supports personal, social, cultural and creative development.  Pupils can take their experiences and transform them through art while exploring ideas.  Pupils will learn problem-solving skills and explore their own sense of the world. 


Through Art and Design pupils have the opportunity to express their feelings and ideas, both as a means of self-expression and a way to communicate to others.  Art allows pupils to explore, build on and record their own ideas so that they can develop confidence, imagination and creativity.

Art Therapy

In Ardmore we recognize the need for pupils to express themselves, to direct their own learning and to try out their ideas and opinions without feeling judged.  As a response to this, we have developed a comprehensive art therapy programme.

Our programme:

  • Offers respite from their pressured lives

  • Supports children in developing positive relationships

  • Enables them to express themselves by engaging in different forms of creative art

  • Provides an opportunity to engage with education.